Ask the Expert with Dave Kranzler – July 2023

On this month’s episode of “Ask the Expert” hosted by Craig Hemke, we have special guest Dave Kranzler, who runs a website called Investment Research Dynamics and is the author of newsletters such as the “Short Sellers Journal” and the “Mining Stock Journal.” They discuss: the current state of monetary policy and its impact on the precious metals market, the potential actions of the Federal Reserve, the weakening US dollar, and the factors influencing gold and silver prices.

Dave Kranzler shares his thoughts on the mining stocks market and offers tips for mining investors, emphasizing the importance of capital management and using trailing stops.

“We’ve had a really good start to the month in the precious metals. Everybody watching us knows that. It’s interesting how nobody wants it when prices are down, and then once prices start to rally, everybody wants to get their hands on some.”

Watch or listen now to learn all the insights and opinions on the current state of the market and potential scenarios for the future: