You Cannot Print Your Way to Prosperity | Ask the Expert with Guest Larry Lepard

On this episode of Ask The Expert, Craig Hemke sits down with Larry Lepard to discuss the current state of the economy, central bank policies, and their impact on precious metals. Lepard emphasizes the brokenness of the financial system, the inevitability of monetary debasement, and the need to protect wealth by holding hard assets like gold and silver. He anticipates a significant financial event that will expose the illusion of control held by central banks, leading to a surge in gold and silver prices.


“In my opinion, the odds of gold being lower in five years than it is today are zero. I mean, gold is going to take out $2,100, and it’s going to squirt to $3,000 so fast, people’s heads are going to spin. And ultimately, it needs to go to $4,000, $5,000, $10,000 to balance all the additional money that’s been printed.”