Gold Price Today & What to Expect in the Coming Months | Monthly Wrap-Up with Aneel Waraich

Tune in to the Sprott Money Monthly Wrap-Up video featuring Craig Hemke and Aneel Waraich as they explore the economic forecast for March and the coming months!

Highlights include:

  • Analysis of political instability, conflicts, and trade tensions impacting investor sentiment and the demand for safe-haven assets like precious metals
  • Examining how interest rates influence the opportunity cost of holding precious metals
  • Discussing the industrial applications of certain precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium in electronics, automotive, and jewelry sectors, and how changes in industrial demand can impact their prices

“Gold has been resilient in this market. It shows you that it actually has been performing. Maybe not up to the standards we were all expecting at $3000 or $5000 at this point. It’ll get there at some point. But USD strength, interest rates going up as quickly as they did over that 12 month period, and you have gold actually holding up above $2000.”



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