The World is on the Brink — It’s Time to Start Paying Attention

In this episode of the Jay Martin Show, special guest, David Murrin – renowned global forecaster, investor, and author, joins Jay to explore the cycles of war, wealth, and power that have historically shaped our world and our wallets. Unpacking the overlooked conflict that could dictate our future, Murrin offers a unique perspective on the rise and fall of empires, the battle for Africa, and the significant impacts these cycles have on the markets for oil, gold, silver, and Bitcoin.

With insights grounded in history and driven by his background in physics, Murrin provides a provocative outlook on where we are in these cycles today and what the future may hold for global hegemony. You’ll want to stick around until the end.


“Our values of democracy are weaker than ever, because we’ve forgotten what a gift it is to have freedom. And we have completely failed to protect ourselves in the hubristic, self-absorbed dynamic of our modern culture. Which is highly typical of decline, because in expansion, people serve the system that rises. In contraction, they serve themselves first.”