Wild and Tumultuous Week in the Precious Metals – Weekly Wrap Up

It’s been another volatile week, capped off by a disappointing jobs report and more stimulus on the way. What does this mean for precious metals in the long-term? Host Craig Hemke sits down with Chris Vermeulen of the Technical Traders to break down all the gold and silver news you need to prepare for what’s ahead.

In this edition of the Weekly Wrap Up, you’ll hear:

  • How the coming infrastructure plan will affect commodities.
  • Will silver continue to lead the way for gold?
  • Plus: How does short-term volatility affect the long-term outlook?

“There’s definitely some big trends in the overall commodity market. And I actually did a talk about this several months ago, talking about a supercycle in the commodity market that looked to be putting in a pretty major bottom. We could start this massive 8-16 year cycle to the upside in commodities. When you look way back in time, 2000 was the last kind of major low in the commodities cycle…”

To hear Chris’s full thoughts on this week’s gold and silver news, listen here: