Love the Weakness When It Comes—and Buy More – Monthly Wrap Up

It’s been a tumultuous month, with a market correction where all the latecomers got flushed fast. Does this mean the bull market is over? Host Craig Hemke sits down with Dave Kranzler of The Mining Stock Journal to break down all the month’s gold and silver news.

In this edition of The Monthly Wrap-Up, you’ll hear:

  • Are we still in a bull market?
  • What triggered the correction (hint: it might be the Fed)
  • Plus: the right time to buy gold and silver

    “What people tend to overlook is—and I had run the numbers right before the GDX fell. If you just look at the chart, it looks like it fell off a cliff. And I had run the numbers right before it fell off a cliff, and from the end of January through, call it April 14th, it was up 30%. That’s a huge move for a stock index in that short a period of time. If the S&P or the Nasdaq went up 30% in two and a half months, they’d be doing naked cartwheels on CNBC over it.”

— DAVE KRANZLER, April Monthly Wrap Up

To hear Dave’s full thoughts on this month’s gold and silver news, listen here: