Must-See Red Pill Interview with Ron Paul – The Scoop

This month, host Kam Hesari sits down with renowned author, activist, physician, and former Congressman Ron Paul to break down all the gold and silver news you need.

In this edition of The Scoop, you’ll hear:

  • Ronald Reagan’s prophetic statement on gold
  • Dr. Paul’s recommendation for how much gold you should own
  • Plus: thoughts on Covid lockdowns, vaccine passports, and your liberty

“[Closing the gold window] had a lot of effect on the dollar. The dollar went down sharply, and if you measure it in terms of gold at that time, theoretically, the gold exchange rate with the dollar was $35 an ounce…But within a short period of time—probably, let’s see— eight, nine years, gold went up to over $800. That’s a tremendous increase in this ratio, so the dollar was devalued tremendously, eventually, and even now we measure that the dollar lost probably 97-98% of its value in terms of gold, and that pushes prices up, it disturbs the economy, and it was devastating.”

To hear Dr. Paul’s thoughts on the month’s gold and silver news, listen here: