The Gold and Silver Trade is Not Dead – Monthly Wrap Up

With less than 24 hours to go before Chairman Powell’s speech at the Fed’s Jackson Hole summit, host Craig Hemke sits down with Eric Sprott’s business partner Conor O’Brien to break down all the gold and silver news you need to see what might be coming next.

In this edition of The Monthly Wrap-Up, you’ll hear:

  • What to expect from Powell’s speech tomorrow
  • How the shares look after a miserable start to the year
  • Thoughts on Tudor, Freegold Ventures, New Found Gold, and more

It all feels like it’s coming to a head, doesn’t it? You said it earlier just in your introduction there about physical, and the premiums coming down in it. And it’s funny that it is doing that in the United States, but I just read this morning that in Germany, where German real yields trade at minus four and a quarter—and that’s on ten years—that the physical gold demand is the highest since 2009 for bars and coins. So they’re obviously getting the picture there that when you buy German bunds, you are out -4.26% as soon as you do.

To hear Conor’s full thoughts on the month’s gold and silver news, listen here: