Gold and Silver Ready for Summer – Weekly Wrap Up

It’s the last trading day of May, and precious metals are looking to finish the month strong. Host Craig Hemke sits down with Bob Thompson of Raymond James in Vancouver to break down all the gold and silver news you need as we head into the summer months.

In this edition of The Weekly Wrap-Up, you’ll hear:

  • Is the Fed jawboning its way into Yield Curve Control?
  • Why silver will have a bigger run than gold
  • Plus: Where Eric Sprott is currently focusing his efforts

“The inflation numbers, the core PCE, came in at 3.1%, which was a bit of a surprise to the upside. So, it continues to surprise to the upside. But, of course, the Fed says it’s ‘transitory’, but what are they going to say? Are they going to say, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to have massive inflation”? Because that’s going to create massive inflation. It’s like the CBO, who does their economic forecast, never forecasts a recession—ever—in the economy. Can you imagine if they said, ‘In 2025, we think there’s going to be a massive recession’?
Well, they just created one.”

To hear Bob’s full thoughts on this week’s gold and silver news, listen here: