Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – Weekly Wrap Up

Another challenging week for the precious metals, but in the last month silver has already rallied 10% and is poised to break out. Host Craig Hemke sits down with silver expert Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics to break down all the gold and silver news you need to understand the forces behind precious metals pricing.

In this edition of The Weekly Wrap-Up, you’ll hear:

  • The latest in bank price manipulation
  • Excitement for the #silversqueeze movement
  • Plus: What to do if you feel powerless

“I’ve never felt more encouraged and optimistic of this [bank price manipulation] coming to an end. So for everyone out there who’s saying, ‘Oh, we’ve heard this before; the manipulation will never end,’ I understand that. And, hey, you can disagree with me. That’s fair. I can handle that. But… now that the people see so clearly what’s happening, if the banks have some way to stuff this one back in, go ahead and try it. But I would bet on our side.”

To hear Chris’s full thoughts on the week’s gold and silver news, listen here: