Gold Starts to Come Alive After Big Pullback – Weekly Wrap Up

It’s been a long consolidation phase in the precious metals—especially for gold. But when will we get that breakout everyone keeps expecting? Host Craig Hemke sits down with market strategist Paul Wong of Sprott, Inc. to break down all the gold and silver news you need to see what lies ahead.

In this edition of The Weekly Wrap Up, you’ll hear:

  • The long-term trends in precious metals
  • When to expect a gold rally
  • Plus: Paul’s forecast for silver

“For the most part, we’re dramatically oversold. Probably there were a number of factors involved, and it has a lot to do with positioning and flows… So the last five years, there’s been this unrelenting flow into what I call ‘the long duration trade.’ And that’s predicated on sort of this Goldilocks economic background of ‘slowflation.’ It culminated with the big blowout in FANG names… Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google. It got up to about 24% of the total S&P weight. That was one of the greatest concentrations ever in only a handful of names.”

To hear Paul’s full thoughts on this week’s gold and silver news, listen here: