Crazy Year in Silver Leaves Supply Deficit – Weekly Wrap Up

The precious metals have had a nice rally over the last week and a half, with silver looking especially encouraging. Are we setting up for a good month of April? Host Craig Hemke sits down with mining executive and market analyst David Jensen to break down all the gold and silver news you need to understand the latest moves in the metals.

In this edition of The Weekly Wrap Up, you’ll hear:

  • Two indicators that silver shortages are coming
  • The “elephant” on the head of silver and silver investors
  • Plus: Endeavour Silver’s announcement and what it means for you

“Touching on your inflation number, inflation is at least 10% in reality, and I don’t know what kind of psychedelics they’re using at the Fed, but they’re pretty good for them to say that it’s as low as it is. And silver, in particular, should be absolutely flying in this environment, and the fact that it’s mired in the paper morass that it’s in is just incredible to see…”

To hear David’s full thoughts on this week’s gold and silver news, listen here: