Close to the Bottom in Gold and Silver – Weekly Wrap Up

With spring right around the corner, are precious metals ready to shake off the long winter? Former money manager and Sprott Money contributor David Brady sits down with host Craig Hemke to break down all the gold and silver news you need to see where prices will head throughout 2021 and beyond.

In this edition of the Weekly Wrap up, you’ll hear:

  • Why the Fed has no choice but to cap yields?
  • When to expect Gold and Silver to “go North”?
  • Plus: Will there be a bounce when stimulus is passed?

“What we’re seeing right now, as you know, is that real yields have spiked recently. They bottomed out August 6, August 7—same with nominal yields—and for that reason, you’re seeing gold and silver come under pressure. But the light is at the end of the tunnel here.”

To hear David’s full thoughts on this week’s gold and silver news, listen here: