What Do You Really Own With Unallocated Precious Metal? – Weekly Wrap Up

As the second quarter begins and the #silversqueeze movement continues, host Craig Hemke sits down with renowned expert and author Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics to break down all the gold and silver news you need to understand the current state of the global silver market.

In this freewheeling edition of the Weekly Wrap Up, you’ll hear:

  • The latest concerns over unallocated accounts
  • The ongoing drama at the Perth Mint
  • Plus: where is all this headed?

“Well, I did call the Perth Mint, because I’ve been a little confused by Richard Hayes—he’s the CEO of the Perth Mint—and he had some rather cryptic comments in recent interviews that I was perplexed by….I’m curious, if customers call Sprott Money and are buying silver, do the brokers at Sprott Money act as if they’re offended by that?”

To hear Chris’ full thoughts on this week’s gold and silver news, listen here: