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Gold in India
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Gold in India

Nigam Arora, chief investment officer of the Arora Report, would argue the current rumours surrounding India are the true reason for the recent fall in gold prices. Arora told Kitco News “The Indian Bullion & Jewellers Association has informed its members that they are hearing from certain circles of a […]

Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt

Projektart: Direktauftrag nach Verhandlung

Projektbeschreibung: Sanierung und Ausbau der Zwillingstürme der Konzernzentrale der Deutschen Bank als „Green Building“, Umsetzung eines neuen Innenausbaukonzeptes

Entwurf: Umsetzung des Designarchitekten Mario Bellini Associati S.r.l., Italien
Partner: Volkwin Marg, Hubert Nienhoff
Gesamtkoordination: Jochen Köhn
Projektleitung: Bernd Gossmann, Babette Kowalsky

Bauherr: Deutsche Bank AG/ Corporate Real Estate & Services (CRES)
Market Analysis

Is it 2008 in Europe?

*update @ 9;44am AFP reported Friday that the total fine would be just $5.4 billion. German powerhouse Deutsche Bank has again unnerved the markets as trouble with US bank regulators for its selling of risky mortgages. The incredible $14 billion demand is raising the concern in Europe as Germany the […]