Bull Market In Gold Still In Early Innings, Major Upwards “Re-Pricing” Lies Ahead

Today’s guest, Ronnie Stoeferle — Managing Partner of Incrementum AG, is best known for publishing the world’s most respected annual analysis of the precious metals market, known as the In Gold We Trust Report. It covers what’s driving supply & demand, the performance of the metals vs the companies that mine them, and what the outlook and future trends for the precious metals market is.

Listen to Ronnie share his years of wisdom in the precious metals market, in discussing the current bull market and what lies ahead.


Time Stamps:
0:00 – Why Gold Is In A Bull Market
6:25 – Sources Of Demand For Gold
12:08 – Why Banks Don’t Like Gold
20:12 – Future Price Outlook For Gold
27:06 – Why Central Banks Buy Gold
34:41 – Gold As A Geopolitical Asset
39:33 – Why Gold Will Be Re-Valued
46:00 – Safe Haven & Performance Gold
54:05 – Gold vs Bitcoin
1:04:25 – Reaction To Ronnie
1:07:26 – Gold’s Breakout
1:21:33 – Price Targets For Gold