The Energy Transition Delusion: Inescapable Mineral Realities — Mark Mills

Energy expert and Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute, Mark Mills speaks at SKAGEN Funds Conference 2023.



Mark P. Mills is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a Contributing Editor for the City Journal at the Manhattan Institute’s and a Faculty Fellow at the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University. He is a co-founder and strategic partner in Montrose Lane, a software-centric energy-tech venture fund, and a member of the Advisory Board of Yotta, a consortium focused on “the future of digital infrastructure.” He was formerly the co-founder and chief tech strategist for Digital Power Capital, a boutique venture fund, where co-founded and served as Chairman and CTO of ICx Technologies helping take it public in a 2007 IPO (later purchased by FLIR), and in addition served on numerous Boards, including as Chairman (and an interim CEO) of a lithium battery start-up. And for seven years prior to an acquisition in 2008 by HP, he was the independent Director on the Board of EYP Mission Critical Facilities, one of the world’s leading data center design and engineering firms.