Volatility in September | Precious Metals Projections

In today’s episode, Craig Hemke from Sprott Money News and Chris Vermeulen of the Technical Traders discuss the ever-shifting landscape of the financial markets. They delve into key assets like energy, crude oil, clean energy, and copper, shedding light on potential investment opportunities and the impact of rising interest rates on equities. While gold remains resilient and holds its safe haven status amid market turbulence, the discussion underscores the importance of understanding market dynamics and highlights potential trends that could shape the coming months. Watch or listen to the latest “Precious Metals Projections” now.

When you look at the monthly chart of gold, gold is testing and holding its value up near all time highs. If we look at silver, it’s the complete opposite. It is trading way down at 50 or so percent. Gold miners are down 50 to 60+ percent. So gold is definitely the overall global safe haven play.”

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