Recent Developments in the Silver Market | Monthly Wrap-Up with Special Guest David Morgan

In this episode of Monthly Wrap-Up, host Craig Hemke and guest David Morgan discuss silver and its recent performance during the summer months. David Morgan shares insights into the Commitment of Traders reports, the potential for a short squeeze in the silver market, and the impact of industrial demand on silver’s supply. They also touch upon the undervaluation of silver mining stocks relative to the price of silver and the potential catalysts for a significant move in the precious metals market, as well as the overall economic and monetary landscape. Hemke and Morgan provide a multifaceted perspective for those interested in precious metals investing and market dynamics.


“So, I think the run to gold, the run to silver will be so phenomenal this time, because it’ll be worldwide, not just in the United States and a few Arab [countries]. It’ll be everybody, panicking into the metal. And any form, be it silver, physical, ETFs private placements, junior miners, mid-tier miners, top-tier miners, you name it. “