Recent Developments in the Financial Markets | Monthly Wrap-Up

On this episode of “Monthly Wrap-Up” host Craig Hemke and special guest David Brady discuss the recent developments in the financial markets, focusing on the precious metals sector, particularly gold and silver. They delve into fluctuations in metal prices, shifts in market sentiment, and the Federal Reserve’s policy decisions. David Brady emphasizes the importance of assessing sentiment and technical indicators to make informed investment decisions, pointing out that extreme market sentiment often precedes significant price moves.


“What puzzles me is why the Fed is till pounding the table on inflation to the extend that they are. Because if you look at what happens today actually, I think in the Core PCE, which is their primary inflation indicator, fell from 4.6% to 4.1%. My point is, how fast do [they] need this to go down? And [they’ve] already raised rates over 5%. Shouldn’t [they] pause and see what the effect is?”