Economic Outlook and Precious Metals Market | Monthly Wrap-Up with Bob Thompson | June 2023

Join Craig Hemke and Bob Thompson in our Monthly Wrap-Up video as they dive into the economic outlook for June 2023 and the second half of the year.

They discuss the Federal Reserve’s actions, inflation, the potential for a recession, its impact on the mining industry, 
identify potential buying opportunities, and more. 


“[We] get this recession, the Fed comes in, they print money, they reduce interest rates, they do whatever, but that causes inflation. So then they’ve got to back off the inflation, so they’ve got to raise rates which causes another recession. So you get this double dip. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like that happen. Now, coming off those bases, that works really well for metals and minerals, and value investing versus growth investing. So I think a lot of people don’t want to admit it but we’re in for a 70s type of decade here. And that’s a great thing for metals and minerals.”