Monthly Wrap Up with Michael Oliver – May 2023

In this Monthly Wrap-Up podcast, Craig Hemke welcomes Michael Oliver, CEO of Momentum Structural Analysis LLC. Michael has been analyzing all financial asset classes including the stock market, the bond maket, foriegn exchange, and commodities (with emphasis on Gold & Silver) for the last 30 years. Michael and Craig discuss this recent pull back, with a monthly high of $2,052, and a low of $1,940 in Gold. Michael also shares his valuable insights from his momentum structural analysis, which analyzes the momentum of Gold, and how it affects the price of Gold.


“I’ve never seen such tectonic plates moving in synch or in inverse to one another, where they’re banging into each other or they’re assisting one another. And I think we are headed for the greatest market events in my lifetime.. possibly in a lifetime beyond that even. We’ve got a stock market that was the biggest bubble in U.S. history.”

To learn more, watch the full video below: