Gold’s Supercycle to the Upside – Precious Metals Projections

Get ready for an insightful discussion as host Craig Hemke from Sprott Money News and analyst Chris Vermeulen of the Technical Traders delve into the world of precious metals. In this episode, Hemke and Vermeulen provide a comprehensive analysis of the charts to help you navigate the market with confidence.

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Here’s what you can expect from this discussion:

  • Potential triple top for Gold: Will Gold close above $2,089 this month?
  • Stock market pullback and gold prices: Analyze the correlation between stock market fluctuations and gold prices, examining the possibility of a pullback and its impact on the precious metal.
  • Silver catching up and soaring higher: Gain insights into the current dynamics of the silver market, including its potential to rocket higher, and even catch up to Gold in the long term.

Stay up-to-date on the latest developments discussed to make informed investment decisions and navigate the ever-changing landscape of precious metals by watching the new episode of Precious Metals Projections on today: