Ask The Expert – Ronald Peter Stoeferle – January 2023

Ronald-Peter Stöferle is Managing Partner and Fund Manager at Incrementum AG, where he manages a fund that invests based on the principles of the Austrian School of Economics. A lecturer at the academy of the Vienna Stock Exchange as well as at the Institute for Value Based Economics, he is co-author of a book on investing titled Austrian School for Investors – Austrian Investing between Inflation and Deflation.

Since 2007, Ronald has written the annual In Gold We Trust report, now considered the industry standard publication on gold, money, and inflation. It provides a “holistic” assessment of the gold sector and the most important factors influencing it, including real interest rates, opportunity costs, debt, central bank policy, etc.  The latest report can be found here:

In this edition of Ask the Expert, Ronni answers several of your listener-submitted questions, including:

• When will the Fed start cutting rates?
• How should someone start buying into gold right now?
• Plus: Could commodity demand ripple into gold and silver in 2023?

“It’s been a terrific start into the new year. It almost feels like the ‘everything bubble’ is back again.”

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