“Big, Big, Big Things Happening” in Gold and Silver – Eric’s Yearly Wrap Up

It’s been a year of good news and bad news: the bottom dropped out of the mining shares, but gold is even on the year while silver is up. Will this surprising trend continue into the new year? Host Craig Hemke sits down with special guest Eric Sprott to break down the biggest gold and silver news of 2022.

In this edition of The Yearly Wrap-Up, you’ll hear:

·        The most impressive commodity moving forward
·        What could upset the apple cart in 2023
·        Plus: can anything stop silver?

“As I sit here and think about the year in precious metals—and there’s many things to talk about besides precious metals—but in precious metals, to think that silver is at basically 24 on the COMEX today and it was 17.50 a few months ago, it’s put in a 40% move to the upside, almost. And this is while everything else is getting absolutely hammered. Bonds, stocks, cryptocurrencies, housing, private equity… There’s hardly been a place to put your money where you’re able to hold your own. But, shockingly, silver’s now up on the year and gold’s essentially unchanged. And I sometimes look at it and say, ‘Oh my God, I’m very lucky that I own those things in this market environment that we have.’ This is a bad, bad bear market, and it feels to me like it’s going to get a lot worse.”

To hear Eric’s full thoughts on the year’s gold and silver news, listen here: