The Upside Down Year in Gold and Silver – Eric’s Yearly Wrap Up

What a great way to close our 2021 Monthly Wrap Up series with a special Yearly Wrap Up courtesy of Eric Sprott. After a frustrating year where many things that would typically send precious metals higher had the opposite effect, what should an investor do? Host Craig Hemke sits down with special guest Eric Sprott to break down all the gold and silver news you need to navigate an upside down market.

In this edition of The Yearly Wrap-Up, you’ll hear:

  • Why gold is down YTD even as real rates are the lowest in history
  • Words of advice for new stackers
  • Plus: where we go from here

“I just want to lead off with: look, I’m a skeptic, OK? And when I look back at my involvement in the financial markets, I very much foresaw the NASDAQ crash in 2000. The ’07-’08 housing/financial crisis didn’t escape me. And of course, it brings me to precious metals, the fact that you’re a skeptic about all the things that we’re seeing going on here. And even in that same vein, when you talk about inflation—it was reported at 0.8% this last month; that’s annualized 9.6; if you actually want to compound it, it’s like 10—and I don’t believe the number… I don’t believe the number is that low.”

To hear Eric’s full thoughts on the month’s gold and silver news, listen here: