A Heck of a Year in Gold and Silver – Weekly Wrap Up

As 2020 heads into the final weeks, Bob Thompson of Raymond James in Vancouver sits down with host Craig Hemke to break down all the gold and silver news you need to understand the current bull market in precious metals.

In this edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up, you’ll hear:

  • Why the economy should look like ’90-’91… but doesn’t
  • What to expect from the “marriage” between Treasury and The Fed
  • Plus: “There are no hot tips”

“They say stock market corrections are when stocks are returned to their rightful owners. So, basically, people who don’t have the understanding are going to be selling out, right? And that’s happened a lot and it makes these corrections a little bit worse. So, let’s go over what’s happened in the last few months…. We are in a bull market for precious metals here. You can say it started a year and a half ago, or actually if you want to go back to 2016, it started at that time. But it’s going to continue on.”

Hear Bob’s thoughts on the latest gold and silver news here: