Eric Sprott “Bounce-Back in Metals Could Mean A Strong End To The Year”

Eric Sprott Talks weekly wrap up. With just two months left in 2019, where do precious metals go from here? This week on the Wrap-Up, Eric Sprott takes a deep dive into the numbers and gives you all the gold and silver news you need to make sense of it all.

Listen to hear:

• Why you can’t trust the numbers coming from the government

• Which metal is about to start “flying”

• Plus: the re-imposition of the uptick rule and Eric’s thoughts on the shares

“We had a nice rise here. We’ve got through the 50-day moving average. And, We broke the downtrend, I think, in both metals. Until the jobs report today I would have thought that we would have a pretty significant run forward here. And we may yet have it, even though the jobs number came out and was supposedly better than expected. You know I’ve never believed the jobs report. Ever.”

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eric sprott weekly wrap up

From SprottMoney, published on Nov 1/2019


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